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Know About Different Types Of Patio Doors


When it comes to deciding the suitable door for your patio, everyone thinks that it is a difficult task. With so many different types of doors, one tends to get confused while selecting the best.

Types of patio doors

There are a number of patio doors from which one can choose to make a place more impressive and attractive. The doors even have great designs and shapes and are available in many varied sizes according to the demand of the customer. Some of the types of patio door are listed below:

  1. French doors
  2. Hinged patio doors
  3. Coastal storm doors
  4. Gliding patio doors
  5. Commercial entry doors





Type of doors in details

One can choose from the above listed doors for your patio. In hinged patio doors, there is one panel or two panes available and you can choose this by keeping in mind the space that is to be covered. If you are looking for gliding doors, here also you can choose to have either one panel or two panels. If you go for single panel patio door, it would glide totally but in two panels, one panel would glide while the second would remain stagnant at its own place.

The French doors that one chooses are best for having a great view. In this type of a door, there are frames around it and the panel that one can get installed in it can be transparent and clear or even translucent. This type of a door provides security because it gets locked form its head to toe in one single go. The commercial entry doors are great in height and very strong because of the material they are made up of and they are very heavy as well. Because of these reasons, the security level is high in the commercial areas.


The coastal storm doors are best for exterior purposes as it allows ventilation and also protects one from wind and excess heat entering the place. The door has panels in it that doesn’t allow flies and bees to even enter the place. These doors should be installed as entry gates as they offer high level of safety and protection.




Get started with the selection

So now that you are aware about the types of doors for patio go ahead and decide the best door for your place. Either for interior or exterior purpose, the patio doors have a huge variety offered to the customers according to their requirement and needs. You can choose your own design, shape and size so that your purpose of installing it is also solved. Let the doors explain the interior of your place and take others to a different new abode.